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In 1985 we opened TESTIMONY PRIMARY SCHOOL from Class 1 -3.   Class 1 admits those who will be 6 before the 30th June in that year.       We opened Class 4 to 8 in 1987 Class 8 students sit The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. There is now boarding space for 112; Boys 56 and Girls 56.

Classroom population is between 30 and 36 pupils. There are Class Teachers for each Class, but from Class 4 each subject is taught by a Subject Teacher

We opened Forms 1 and 2 of TESTIMONY SECONDARY SCHOOL in 1994 -  Form 3 in ’95, and form 4 in ’96. In January 2014 we opened the 2nd stream of Form 1 – 4 in Secondary.
At the end of Form 4 a further National Government exam is sat, The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and this gives entrance to University for a further 4 years.
In 2012 we commenced providing 4 more classrooms, a library and Boarding Space for 60 Boys and Girls and a Swimming Pool.

The first photo has been taken from
the road, and shows the entrance gate to the School and the School Hall (right)

The Hall seats 400 and has a stage.    It is used for Gymnastics, Drama, and also Church Meetings on a Sunday. The two Annual National Examinations are taken in the Hall as well.

In July the Annual Parents & Prize Giving Day is held in the Hall, and students present a Concert.

Here we have walked in through the
gate with the Hall on the right.  The
white building, centre, is a Nursery Classroom.

Computer is taught from Nursery
through to form 4. Immediately in front of the Hall can be seen a low building which accommodates Junior and Senior staff rooms and Headmaster’s and other School Offices.


Taken from a different angle we now see the front of the building
comprising teacher’s common rooms and offices.

We have 32 teachers (16 ladies and 16
men) in Primary And 13 teachers (6 ladies and 7 men)
in Secondary.

Headmasters Offices for Primary and
Secondary are here. Together with School Reception

Above is a view of
the Daily Parade held in front of the Staff room block. 

This is held at 7.50 a.m.
and prayers and a short address plus notices are given.   On Fridays we raise the National Flag, sing
the National Anthem and orally pledge loyalty to the President.     All students and Staff attend.

 In the distance you can catch sight to
the left School Labs for Science, Home Science, and Senior Computer.

Above again is a
photo of some of the Nursery Children in one of their Classrooms.

At the present time we have
159 students in this part of the School, some being from one or another of our
four Children’s Homes. 

The wall charts will give you some idea of the kind of academic work they are
involved in – when they are not playing games in the Field.     Nursery comprises SEVEN classes and has a staff of 10 lady teachers.

Above  is a view of one of the Primary Classrooms.  

We have students from all over Eldoret Town, and they are not only African children, but also Asian. We have Hindu, Islamic, as well
as children from Christian backgrounds

We also have children from China, Korea, and even European backgrounds. Generally all students get on well together, and have happy time learning. Class lessons are  From 8a.m. to 4p.m. in Primary.

FINALLY a group of our Form 4s during a period of
study. We are glad to say that generally students
in the School do well and go on to University and College. Many of our Old Boys and Girls from the
School are now Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Architects, Dentists, Accountants, as well as a host of other professionals. Even more happily students leave us with a clear knowledge of God, and His Love, enabling them to face the world and its challenges with a Friend Who will always be there for them.

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