School Facilities

Transport System

Above are some of our buses for the transport system of the school. We have different routes within eldoret where each bus operates.

Our buses are available to the general public for hire. Talk to us for more information on booking

 0703 728 102

Boarding Facility

We have fully furnished boarding facility diormitories for both Primary and Secondary sections. Our rooms are kept clean at all times and secure always.

Swimming Pool

Above is a photo of our two swimming pools for kids and Adults. 

We also offer swimming lessons for starters to profesional level.

The Swimming pools are available for the general public at a fee, as stated below.

  • Adults:  KES. 150                                  
  • Kids:   KES. 150                              

Computer Labs

Above is one of our two computer labs.

Photographed here is the Primary Section computer lab.

This is where upper school classes learn their computer lessons.

Basketball Court

Above is photo of our basketball court.

We also nurture our students' talents through co-curricular activities.

Multipurpose Hall

Photo Description

Science Labs


Photo Description

Home Science Lab

Photo Description

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