1.  Termly Fees Structure

1.  Nursery School Fees: Term 1, KSh.15,800/= ; Term 2, KSh.15,800/=and Term 3, KSh.14,000/=

2.  Primary School Fees : Term 1, KSh.27,000/= ; Term 2, KSh.27,000/=and Term 3, KSh.24,000/=

3.  Secondary School Fees : Term 1, KSh.33,000/= ; Term 2, KSh.33,000/=and Term 3, KSh.28,000/=

2.  Optional Payments

1.  School Transport Fee: KSh 7,500 for picking and dropping a child in the morning and evening for the whole term.

2.  Lunch Fee: Term 1, KSh.4,500/= ; Term 2, KSh.4,500/=and Term 3, KSh.3,300/=

3.  Primary Boarding Fee : Term 1, KSh.18,000/= ; Term 2, KSh.18,000/=and Term 3, KSh.12,000/=

4.  Secondary Boarding Fee : Term 1, KSh.22,000/= ; Term 2, KSh.22,000/=and Term 3, KSh.13,000/=

3.  Notes

a) Registration Fees of KSh. 2,000/= is payable only once by new parents upon registration of the first child/ren in the school.

b) Secondary School pay Caution Fees of KSh. 2,000/= on admission per student.

c)  There are other levies from education department not listed here. This will be notified to you annually as the sameis notified to us. E.g. Examination Fees like Kenya National Examination Fee for STD 8s and Form 4s.

d) The school management reserves the right to alter the fees structure to cater for changes in costs and schoolsyllabus in any financial year.

e) All forms should be completed and cleared by the Accounts Department before the child is allowed in class.

4. Fees Payable to School Bank Accounts / Mpesa Paybill:

a) Testimony School, KCB Eldoret West, Account Number 1103469339. Bank Located in Kiptagich House off Uganda Rd.

b) Testimony School, CBA Eldoret, Account Number 7147110039. Bank Located in Zion Mall off Uganda Rd. c) Mpesa (Procedure Shown Below)


1.  Please pay FULL FEES by or on admission.

2.  Fees once paid is neither refundable nor transferrable.

Procedure For Mpesa School Fees Payment:

The School Code is : 20033K

1.          Go to Mpesa Menu

2.          Select Paybill

3.          Enter Business Number 522123

4.          On Enter Account Number, please enter 20033K put a space then enter your FEES LEDGER ACCOUNT for example 20033K W220, then the next screen is the amount

5.          The customer will get a confirmation message from KCB

6.          Maximum amount to be sent per day is KSh.70,000/=

7.          The charges ranges from KSh.20/= to KSh.120/= and is charged to the parent.

8.          Please send the confirmation message from KCB to 0703 728 102.


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